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Purpose of carding

The main purpose of carding is to make money from reselling cracked credit/debit or gift cards on forums or on the dark web. There are many ways to cash out someone else's cards or use them to purchase goods. Carding often happens around major holidays. This is when merchants are too busy keeping up with the demand and they don't have time to analyze transaction anomalies

Once Dumpswithpinlegit, Buycvvcreditcard, Validccdumps and other carders get payment card data, they try to find the missing values through the use of bots. These bots use payment systems to test cards for unknown values

Carding is a process that involves using someone else's card data to obtain goods or services. Validdumpsshop, Buyccshop, Dumpswithpin2017 and other carders get sets of payment card credentials to make little purchases against multiple ecommerce websites at the same time. These purchases help to test the validity of the card and determine the available balance
Make profits

When successful, carders can resell validated cards or use them to make profits. For merchants, it looks like a spike in payment attempts and customer complaints. Since carders make small-dollar purchases, they don't raise suspension